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Journey No 3

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Journey No 3 – 13th to 17th January 2010

13th January 2010

Departed Carrick Castle for Corpach to visit Douglas’s parents for dinner, who forgot we were coming! Douglas cooked dinner at theirs instead and then we departed and spent the night at the Nevis Range car park – very icy there.

14th January 2010

Spent the morning skiing at Nevis Range and then drove over to Glenmore and spent the night in the Glenmore Visitors Centre car park, the only place where we could get off the road because of the deep snow everywhere. There were huge amounts of snow in the Aviemore area.

Harrie at Glenmore surrounded by deep snow

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Harrie at Glenmore with thermal covers on

15th January 2010

Liz went to a SAAF meeting at Glenmore Lodge during the day and Douglas visited the Forrestry Commission Visitors Centre. After Liz’s meeting we drove back to Corpach to have dinner with Douglas’s parents again. They decided to take us out to the Lochy at Caol. After a good meal we took them back home and parked up in the Corpach Hotel car park for the night.

16th January 2010

We then went back to Nevis Range and skied again. Much better snow conditions – more enjoyable. We decided to stay over another night so remained packed at Nevis Range.

17th January 2010

Skied in the morning on Aonach Mor – the Goose gully was the best area for skiing. Departed for home after lunch returning home at 4 pm.

Liz skiing on the summit of Aonach Mor

Douglas skiing on the summit of Aonach Mor

Mileage at start of journey 111398 km & 111963 km on return home, totalling 565 km (353 miles).