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Journey No 7

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Journey No 7 – 15th to 18th March 2010

15th March 2010

Departed Carrick Castle at 15.10 for Glenshee to spend the next day skiing at a different resort. Arrived Glenshee Ski Centre at 19.00 in the dark to an empty car park. Parked up close to the chairlift on the Sunnyside.

16th March 2010

At Glenshee, ready to start skiing when the centre opened at 08.30. Started skiing on the Sunnyside of the mountain spendig two hours covering all that was open. Very good skiing on Glasse Mal and off piste at the top of the mountain. We came down for a coffee in Harrie and then crossed over to the other side of the road. Skied for another couple of hours on that side covering all that was open. Then returned to Harrie for lunch.

Douglas skiing at Glenshee

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After lunch we went back up Sunnyside again for the afternoon, Douglas skiing until 4 pm and Liz to 4.45 pm. Stayed in the car park over night – again the only ones there.

Liz & Harrie by chairlift at Glenshee

Skiing today was the 19th day this season for Douglas and 17th day for Liz – probably the best skiing season we have had so far and it’s not finished?

17th March 2010

We departed Glenshee at 8.30 am for Carnoustie arriving at 10.15 am. We visited Helen, Liz’s step mother, for the day, going to Arbroath for lunch. Returned back to Carnoustie taking Helen home again.

That night we parked on the seafront by the Carnoustie Golf Course and Hotel. So far every night we have been away in Harrie we have been able to ‘wild camp’ not having had to use a camp site yet.

Harrie on the sea front at Carnoustie

18th March 2010

Departed Carnoustie at 8.30 am for Stirling to visit Stirling Castle arriving at 11 am. We visited the castle first. The Great Hall had been fully restored with its incredible replica oak-beamed roof.

Liz in the Great Hall at Stirling Castle

There was a special exhibition on whilst we were there of the ‘Orkney Venus’ or ‘Westray Wife’ – a 4,500 year old stone carving of a woman found in Westray in the Orkney isles.

The Westray Wife

We then visited the Argyll Lodgings in Stirling dating back to 1632. This was an interesting visit of a well restored noble’s house.

The Argyll Lodgings in Stirling

We enjoyed our Stirling visits, all the better for being able to use our Historic Scotland membership that Simon and Gillan bought us for Christmas 2009. We departed Stirling and headed home arriving at 5.15 pm.

Mileage at start 113186 km and 113720 km at home, totalling 535 km (334 miles).

Journey No 6

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Journey No 6 – 6th to 9th March 2010

6th March 2010

Departed Carrick Castle at 19.30 for Nevis Range, Fort William to go skiing early Sunday morning – arrived around 22.15 and parked up for the night.

7th March 2010

Skied in the morning until lunchtime – Douglas went down earlier than Liz as visibility deteriorated but Liz found the visibility improved after a while so got another hour or so in skiing. At 2 pm we visited Douglas’s mother in hospital in Fort William and met up with Douglas’s son, Simon and his wife, Rika, for the rest of the day. Stayed in his parents car park in Corpach that evening.

8th March 2010

Collected Calum from the Fort William bus station to go skiing with us. Skied at Aonach Mor from 11 – 4 pm. Good sunny weather, plenty of snow on the mountain but much harder and icier snow than last week when we were up again by car. Then we had had almost perfect snow and skiing that week we were able to ski the whole mountain including the east wall of the Goose. Whilst the conditions were not quite so good, we still had good skiing and Calum had enjoyed his day before taking the bus back to Glasgow following visiting Douglas’s mother in hospital.

Liz and Calum with Ben Nevis behind them

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Liz being towed on the Summit Poma

We stayed in the apartemnt’s car park again overnight and had dinner with Simon, Rika and Donald. That night we found we had a problem with the van’s electrics as the indicators and brake lights stopped working.

9th March 2010

We abandoned our attempt to go skiing as we took the van to Croft Recovery Services in Torlundy to get them to investigate the problem. They discovered a loose wire in a junction box under the steering column and repaired it. After visiting the hospital once again we drove home by 7.15 pm.

Mileage at start 112794 km and on return home 113186 km totalling 392 km (245 miles).