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Journey No 10

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Journey No 10 – 22nd to 23rd May 2010

22nd May 2010

Departed Carrick Castle after lunch to go to the Westerly Owners Association (WOA) Muster at Otter Ferry, Loch Fyne by motorhome rather than by our yacht, Dream Weaver as we would usually do to musters… The fact was it would take 10 hours each way to cover the 50 miles to the muster whereas in Harrie it would take about 1 1/4 hrs each way to cover approximately 35 miles. So we decided to visit the Kilmodon Sculptured Stones (14th & 15th century carved grave slabs preserved at Clachan of Glendarel, Argyll by the church) another Historic Scotland site. There are eleven stones in the collection.

Liz with the best preserved stone

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Douglas with the oldest stone

We then drove over the hill to Otter Ferry on a very narrow and steep road with a 5 Ton limit. Harrie just fit on the road in many places and had to use 1st gear to climb up to 318 metres. This road would not be for those of a nervous disposition! Fortunately we did not pass any traffic in the 6 miles of very narrow road as there were few passing places. The road was wide at the place we took this photo!

Harrie decending to Otter Ferry

When we arrived at Otter Ferry we parked up the the car park and took a photo of the yachts that had arrived for the WOA Muster.

Harrie at Otter Ferry with some yachts attending the muster

We met up with 19 other WOA members at the Oystercatcher Restaurant in Otter Ferry for dinner. Most came by yacht but one other member also arrived in his motorhome. We were all invited on to one of the Westerly yachts for pre-dinner drinks and then had a good meal at the restaurant.

We stayed in the car park over night by the beach. The weather was perfect as far as having a calm sea and sun and also being hot – however, not great for sailing.

23rd May 2010

In the morning we pumped up Liz’s inflatable kayak and she went for a short sea trip in it however it was not great to control with a single paddle – it would have been better with a double kayak paddle. The kayak, that could take two, needed more air in it to carry two.

Liz in the kayak by the Otter Ferry Pier

The Oystercatcher Restaurant is in the background and Harrie is parked up to the back right by the beach. We then had a walk out along the spit before heading home in the afternoon. The coast road had a sign at the start that said 3 Ton maximum weight. Harrie’s weight is 2.8 Ton. The road was fine, single track and very scenic. We met quite a few cars fortunately nearly all at passing places.

Mileage at the end of the journey was 115145 km. Trip mileage 119 km (74 miles).

Journey No 9

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Journey No 9 – 19th to 20th May 2010

19th May 2010

We departed Carrick Castle for the Lake of Mentieth to visit Inchmahome Priory on an island in the middle of the lake (only lake in Scotland – all others are lochs or lochans…). The priory was founded around 1238. A boat trip takes you across the lake to the island.

Lake of Menteith showing Liz and island with Priory

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It was a very interesting visit and extremely peaceful there.. Although the Priory was mostly in ruins, you could see why it was built there.

Inchmahome Priory

Inchmahome Priory

In the afternoon we visited Doune Castle in Doune. It was built at the end of the 14th century. This castle is fairly complete – many rooms to visit and the audio phones supplied were excellent giving great detail about the castle’s history and also telling you about the filming of Monty Python and the Holy Crail in 1975 – the lighter side to fact!

Douglas in front of Doune Castle

Doune Castle Great Hall

Douglas on the top table at Doune Castle

Liz awaiting an audience with her Lord...!

These two Historic Scotland sites were well worth visiting and with good weather it was most enjoyable.

Following this we visited Dobies in Stirling and bought some plants for our garden at home. Then we drove to Culross and parked up in the car park for the Preston Island circular walk. The walk was 3 1/2 miles long and to our surprise we came across the old Preston Island Salt Works now in ruins.

Preston Island Salt Works

Preston Island is no longer an island with a jetty. It is surrounded by hidden lagoons of black waste material from the power station close by. The area is being transformed into a nature reserve. The walk takes you part of the way alongside the Forth and you see views of the Forth bridges and the Grangemouth Oil Refinery…

20th May 2010

We departed Culross for Dunfirmline as Liz had a meeting for most of the day on behalf of the Intitute of Outdoor Learning of which she is the Scottish Chair. Douglas did the shopping and then parked up near the Abbey. Another Historic Scotland building called the Dunfirmline Abbey and Palace. The Medieval Abbey was the first European monastic community in Scotland and although founded in 1070 by Queen Margaret, it was rebuilt in the 1320’s on a grand scale covering 22 acres. Although most of the Palance is in ruins, the nave of the Abbey is complete.

Dunfirmline Abbey

Dunfirmline Abbey from the Palace

Dunfirmline Abbey Nave

There was plenty to see but few signs – so a guide book is essential. After Liz’s meeting and fuelling up we drove home arriving around 7.30 pm.

Mileage recorded at end of journey was 115026 km – Length of journey – 462 km (288.75 miles). Latest mpg = 24.