Journey No 19

Journey No 19 – 16th to 18th November 2011

16th November 2011

We departed Carrick Castle about 4.30 pm to go to Kenmore and park up again at Drummond Hill car park at Kenmore as we did on our last journey No 18. However, this time we took our two cats, Smudge and Smokie, with us in Harrie. Most of the journey was in the dark and Smudge ‘meowed’ virtually all the way there… We arrived around 6.45 pm and had dinner. No walk this time!

17th November 2011

At 9 am in the morning, we met up with the group at Aberfeldy and then drove back to Kenmore where the kayaking instruction would start in Loch Tay. Liz, Roddy and Biscuit, the kayak instructor, set off from by the car park next to Loch Tay. The weather was perfect, flat calm and even sunny for a while.

Liz kayaking on Loch Tay at Kenmore

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Liz, Roddy & Biscuit kayaking on Loch Tay at Kenmore

Liz, Roddy & Biscuit about to enter the River Tay at Kenmore

The kayakers at Kenmore Bridge

Liz enters the River Tay at Kenmore Bridge

Liz & Roddy kayaking on River Tay at Kenmore

Douglas walked round to the River Tay and took photos from the river bank and the Kenmore Bridge and Biscuit took photos from the river and happened to catch Douglas photographing them from the bridge.

Liz kayaking on River Tay with Douglas onlooking from the Kenmore Bridge

An aerial view of Liz kayaking

Liz in the turbulance of the River Tay

The kayaking group heading down the River Tay at Kenmore

Whilst the kayakers were heading down the river, Douglas to Harrie and the cats to another forestry car park on Loch Tay and read another book on his Kindle. Then headed down to Aberfeldy to meet up with the group at around 3 pm.

We then drove back to Drummond Hill and had dinner and later that evening drove back down to the Aberfeldy Sports Centre where Liz and the group were given kayak rolling over instruction in the swimming pool for an hour from 8 to 9 pm.  After that we drove back to Peelers Gate car park at Drummond Hill for the night. That night it rained heavily.

18th November 2011

At 9 am, we met up with Biscuit at Aberfeldy and Liz and he kayaked in a quiet slalom course area behind an island in the River Tay just outside Aberfeldy until Roddy and Alice arrived around 10 am.  They all stayed in this part of the river until lunchtime when they join Douglas and the cats in Harrie for a lunch stop.

Liz kayaking on the River Tay at Aberfeldy

Liz receiving kayak instruction from Biscuit on River Tay south of Aberfeldy

After lunch we drove back to Aberfeldy bridge and the group kayaked back down to the same place they were kayaking in just south of Aberfeldy. The river was much higher after the previous night’s rain.

Smudge, Liz & Smokie in Harrie!

Harrie parked up near the Aberfeldy Bridge

They finished kayaking around 3.30 pm and we then drove home after a cup of tea and refueling in Aberfeldy with 33 ltrs of diesel = £46.50 at 120,096 km. Douglas had to do quite a bit of transporting the drivers of the cars up and down the riverside, however he managed to read two books in two days on his Kindle.

The weather whilst the group were kayaking was fair but is started raining about half an hour before they finished and it rained all the way home, most of which was driving in the dark. Smudge meowed again the whole way home… We arrived home around 6.30 pm.

Total mileage for the trip was 310.3 km / 194 miles.
Total mileage to date was 120,217 km / 75,136 miles.


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  1. Helen McHollan says:


    I am preparing a poster for Cheltenham Canoe club to encourage women into Kayaking – your pictures would be great to include as a background image!
    I don’t suppose you would be happy to give permission for this and if so able to email the original of the aerial photo (no face so anonymous)???
    It would make a great poster!!!

    Its an odd request out of the blue, so any queries then do please ask! i just googled aerial Kayak and the image came up!

    Thank you

    Helen McHollan

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