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Journey No 15

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Journey No 15 – 14th to 16th February 2011

14th February 2011

Liz and Douglas departed Carrick Castle at 08.30 for Nevis Range by Fort William with our two cats Smokie and Smudge (aged 14+ each) on their first trip in Harrie.  Smudge ‘talked’ a lot for the first hour – “are we nearly there?” or something like it in cat language…!  We parked up at the ski centre and after a snack lunch, Liz went skiing, whilst Douglas remained in the van with the cats as he was suffering from asthma, so caught up with some reading. (153 km)

Liz enjoyed the skiing in the afternoon, skiing mainly on the Goose.  We had our Valentine’s dinner in Fort William and then returned to Nevis Range later in the evening and stayed overnight in the car park.

15th February 2011

It had been a cold night with new snow and ice around the van, however we and the cats were very snug inside. Liz and Douglas prepared to go skiing however the lifts were on hold until 10.00. At 10.00 it was announced that the wind was too strong to run any of the lifts including the gondola so we were unable to going skiing that day.

We decided to go to Glen Roy by Roy Bridge, Inverness-shire to see the parallel roads that surround Glen Roy. These lines were caused by ice in the ice age and are at 265 metres, 325 metres and 350 metres above sea level. They are very distinct features as can be see the the photograph below.

Parallel roads at Glen Roy

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The view above was taken from the highest (350 metre) parallel road.

We had parked Harrie in the Glen Roy car park and walked straight up the steep incline stopping at each parallel road, plus a few other stops inbetween as the climb was quite steep… Coming down we zigzaged our way down as the ground was covered with snow and we didn’t want to slide straight down!

Liz & Smudge alongside Harrie at Glen Roy

Douglas & Harrie at Glen Roy

Douglas at the 350 metre parallel road looking down on Harrie in the Glen Roy car park

Having enjoyed our visit to Glen Roy, we returned to Fort William to look for J-Gas Propane but discovered only Calor Gas was available locally so we would have to get a replacement 11 kg Propane cylinder from Arrochar on the way home.

We refuelled with 48.56 litres of diesel (£65.02) – 117883 km in Fort William.

We then went to Corpach to have dinner with Douglas’ parents and stayed overnight in their car park.

16th February 2011

Douglas drove Liz up to the Nevis Range ski centre in the morning at 09.00 for her to go skiing again whilst Douglas returned to Corpach to accompany his father to a hospital appointment at the Belford in Fort William by taxi. Donald, his father, almost 96, will have to have another operation on his ear to remove another cancerous growth. The surgeon said he would try and operate within a month but it would have to be at Inverness as a day patient.

At lunchtime, Douglas returned to Nevis Range and waited for Liz to finish skiing. Liz said the snow was very good but the visibility was terrible – white out conditions, however she managed to ski in those conditions until 14.00 hrs before coming back down to the van in the car park.

We then drove home, stopping at Arrochar for replacement gas. Unfortunately they only had a 6 kg (£15.65) instead of an 11 kg Propane but at least we now had a spare again.

We arrived home just after 17.00 hrs and the cats were home again.  They were remarkable good which was a pleasant surprise. Whilst Liz did manage two days skiing, Douglas didn’t manage to get any skiing in that was rather disappointing.

Total journey mileage = 442 km/276 miles. Total mileage to date 118083 km/73,802 miles.

Journey No 14

Saturday, January 1st, 2011
Journey No 14 – 29th to 31st December 2010
29th December 2010
Departed Carrick Castle for Corpach to visit Douglas’ parents and after doing their shopping in Fort William and having dinner with them we stayed in Harrie in their car park.
30th December 2010
We got up early and went skiing at Nevis Range by Fort William.  The Summit area and the upper Goose had plenty of snow, about a metre deep.  It was a bit icy at first however it softened as the morning wore on and we had a lot of runs on the Summit and on the upper Goose.
We decided to go down to the restaurant for lunch at the top station however the run down was not good. After the traverse to the home run, the conditions were icy, narrow and broken. With long skis it was difficult to turn and for the last part of the run we had to walk back.  It was not an enjoyable run down.  Liz managed a bit better as she was skiing on her short blades. It was our first ski of the season and a warm up for hopefully more skiing to come but in better conditions?
After lunch, Douglas decided to go down on the gondola to the van and read whilst Liz had another ski up the top.  She did some more skiing until she felt too tired to continue any more and also came back down.  We then went and had dinner with Douglas’ parents, that we cooked, and stayed in the car park again for the night.

Douglas on the summit with Ben Nevis in the background

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Liz at the summit with Ben Nevis in the background

31st December 2010
Liz decided to have another go at skiing at Nevis Range in the morning. The weather was not favourable however as it was fairly wet and misty.  I went shopping in Fort William and came back to collect Liz around midday.  Harrie was refuelled with 32.01 l of diesel = £40.94 (117477 km).
She said it was wet and you couldn’t see anything. People kept asking her how to find the way down.  After only a couple of runs on the Summit and the Goose she returned back down to the car park – it was not a good skiing morning and Douglas was pleased he didn’t go up.   After having lunch in the van, we headed home as we had family coming for dinner and stay the night celebrating the coming of the New Year!
Trip mileage = 376 km / 235 miles.
Total mileage to date 117641 km / 73526 miles.

Journey No 6

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Journey No 6 – 6th to 9th March 2010

6th March 2010

Departed Carrick Castle at 19.30 for Nevis Range, Fort William to go skiing early Sunday morning – arrived around 22.15 and parked up for the night.

7th March 2010

Skied in the morning until lunchtime – Douglas went down earlier than Liz as visibility deteriorated but Liz found the visibility improved after a while so got another hour or so in skiing. At 2 pm we visited Douglas’s mother in hospital in Fort William and met up with Douglas’s son, Simon and his wife, Rika, for the rest of the day. Stayed in his parents car park in Corpach that evening.

8th March 2010

Collected Calum from the Fort William bus station to go skiing with us. Skied at Aonach Mor from 11 – 4 pm. Good sunny weather, plenty of snow on the mountain but much harder and icier snow than last week when we were up again by car. Then we had had almost perfect snow and skiing that week we were able to ski the whole mountain including the east wall of the Goose. Whilst the conditions were not quite so good, we still had good skiing and Calum had enjoyed his day before taking the bus back to Glasgow following visiting Douglas’s mother in hospital.

Liz and Calum with Ben Nevis behind them

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Liz being towed on the Summit Poma

We stayed in the apartemnt’s car park again overnight and had dinner with Simon, Rika and Donald. That night we found we had a problem with the van’s electrics as the indicators and brake lights stopped working.

9th March 2010

We abandoned our attempt to go skiing as we took the van to Croft Recovery Services in Torlundy to get them to investigate the problem. They discovered a loose wire in a junction box under the steering column and repaired it. After visiting the hospital once again we drove home by 7.15 pm.

Mileage at start 112794 km and on return home 113186 km totalling 392 km (245 miles).

Journey No 5

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Journey No 5 – 11th to 14th February 2010

11th February 2010

Departed Carrick Castle to go skiing at Nevis Range. Beautiful views driving up.

Driving up to the snow at Tyndrum on A82

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Driving over Rannoch Moor in Harrie

Skied in the afternoon and parked up in Neis Range car park. Went to the Ceilidh at the top station for the evening dancing and having a drink or two of mulled wine. Interesting going up and coming down in the gondola in the dark. Great views of the lights of Fort William, Coal and Corpach. Good evening that was the start of the Mountain Festival.

12th February 2010

Visited Douglas’s parents in Corpach in the morning and took Betty, his mother, shopping. We went skiing in the afternoon and then took Betty and Donald, his father, out to the Lochy in Coal and stayed in their car park overnight after visiting the Corpach Hotel with them to plan their 70th Wedding Anniversary lunch on 3rd April 2010.

Liz with Ben Nevis in the background

Douglas with Ben Nevis in the background

14th February 2010

St Valentine’s Day – We went skiing in the morning. Misty at the bottom station and at the top of the mountain. In between the skiing and the snow was good. Unfortunately it was difficult to see higher up and not so easy. Stopped for an early lunch in Harrie in the Nevis Range car park. Decided to head home arriving around 4pm.

The ignitor to the gas fire had not been working for some reason so we had three nights without heat in the van. Not such a problem as it turned out as we were out every evening and as our duvet is a 13.5 tog we were very warm in bed and slept well. Following the replacement of the alternator belt we have had no screeching noises from the heater. On getting home we discovered that the ignitor to the heater is powered by two AA batteries. No mention of this in the manual! We replaced the batteries andater worked again…

Mileage at start 112399 km & 112794 km on return home, totalling 395 km (247 miles).

Journey No 4

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Journey No 4 – 25th to 26th January 2010

25th January 2010

Took Harrie to our garage (MacKellar & Paterson) in Strachur to check out screeches when changing gear that apparently cause the heater to make that noise – however they diagnosed the alternator belt was worn and needed replacement. This was ordered and will be replaced on 1st February 2010. Air suspension was topped up whilst there.

We then drove up to Fort William and skied at Nevis Range in the afternoon. Very good skiing on the summit – did many runs – a bit icy on the Home Run but the Goose gully was good.

Douglas skiing on the Aonach Mor summit

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Liz on the icy summit of Aonach Mor

We visited Douglas’s parents in Corpach and stayed over night in their car park.

26th January 2010

We went back to Nevis Range to continue skiing – got to the summit however the visibility on the way up was very poor on the four lifts after the gondola. When we reached the summit the fog was so dense we couldn’t see anything and had to ski down very slowly to find our way down to the Goose. At the Goose you could bearly see a metre in front of you so had to try and find our way down on a red run. The snow conditions were alright but the visibility was appalling – Douglas particularly found it very difficult and was relieved to get back to the top station taking the gondola back down to the car park. So we went shopping in Fort William and returned home a day earlier than planned.

Mileage at start 111963 km and on return home 112335 km, totalling 372 km (232 miles).

1st February 2010 – Took Harrie to the garage to have the alternator belt changed in Strachur and returned home later that day- problem fixed. Mileage 64 km – total 112399 km.

Journey No 3

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Journey No 3 – 13th to 17th January 2010

13th January 2010

Departed Carrick Castle for Corpach to visit Douglas’s parents for dinner, who forgot we were coming! Douglas cooked dinner at theirs instead and then we departed and spent the night at the Nevis Range car park – very icy there.

14th January 2010

Spent the morning skiing at Nevis Range and then drove over to Glenmore and spent the night in the Glenmore Visitors Centre car park, the only place where we could get off the road because of the deep snow everywhere. There were huge amounts of snow in the Aviemore area.

Harrie at Glenmore surrounded by deep snow

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Harrie at Glenmore with thermal covers on

15th January 2010

Liz went to a SAAF meeting at Glenmore Lodge during the day and Douglas visited the Forrestry Commission Visitors Centre. After Liz’s meeting we drove back to Corpach to have dinner with Douglas’s parents again. They decided to take us out to the Lochy at Caol. After a good meal we took them back home and parked up in the Corpach Hotel car park for the night.

16th January 2010

We then went back to Nevis Range and skied again. Much better snow conditions – more enjoyable. We decided to stay over another night so remained packed at Nevis Range.

17th January 2010

Skied in the morning on Aonach Mor – the Goose gully was the best area for skiing. Departed for home after lunch returning home at 4 pm.

Liz skiing on the summit of Aonach Mor

Douglas skiing on the summit of Aonach Mor

Mileage at start of journey 111398 km & 111963 km on return home, totalling 565 km (353 miles).

Journey No 2

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Journey No 2 – 26th to 27th December 2009

26th December 2009

Our first real outing in Harrie!

Liz and Douglas took Harrie up to Corpach by Fort William to Douglas’s parents and stayed in their car pack at Caledonian Apartments. We had Boxing Day dinner with them and Douglas’s son, Gillan and his fiancee Angela. It was a snowy drive over Rannoch Moor and Glencoe. We stayed just the one night.

Driving through Glencoe in Harrie

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27th December 2009

We went skiing in the morning at Aonach Mor, Nevis Range, Fort William where we had season tickets for the season. We managed a couple of hours skiing – it was our first time skiing for three years so were not skiing fit.

Douglas and Harrie at Nevis Range

Liz and Harrie at Nevis Range

There was sufficient snow on the Goose and the Summit and were able to ski back down to the top station on the Home Run. The visibility was very poor however and very flat light so not the greatest skiing. We went shopping at Lidl afterwards in Fort William and took a photo of Ben Nevis behind Lidl and Harrie. The weather improved in the afternoon!

Harrie with Ben Nevis in the background

We wanted to get home before it got too dark as the temperature was dropping fast and was very cold and we knew the road back home was snowy and it would be icy too. It took us 3 hours to drive home for the 90 miles – pretty slow going.

The mileage at the start of the journey was 111,069 km and 111,398 when we got back home, totalling 329 km (206 miles). It was a good trip and we look forward to our next visit to go skiing again.